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On this page, I most recommend watching the entirety (all 9 parts) of the Theatre Forum Ireland Keynote speech, though it is quite long it is an extremely informative look into Crouch’s aesthetic, how he came to it and where it’s going.  Additionally, the conversations with Caridad Svich and Siobhan Davies are particularly illuminating.


The first of nine parts of Crouch’s keynote speech at Theatre Forum Ireland Annual Conference in 2009

A ten-minute excerpt from “An Oak Tree” at the Traverse Theatre Edinburgh, 2005.

Tim Crouch tells theguardian about his time doing “An Oak Tree” in NYC, with several famous actors.

An LA Stage Times Featured Article to open the run at the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, includes background on Crouch and play development

LA Times Review of “An Oak Tree” at the Odyssey

Caridad Svich reacts to “An Oak Tree” in a post for the Brooklyn Rail

An extensive conversation conducted via email between Svich and Crouch on Crouch’s work and the development of “An Oak Tree”

The New Zealand Listener reacts to “An Oak Tree,” a production that did not feature Crouch

British Theatre Guide does not take kindly to Crouch’s work in this brief reaction

Canadian Theatre blogger Monica Prendergast reacts to “An Oak Tree” at the Intrepid Theatre in Victoria.

Australian Stage review of “An Oak Tree” at Perth Theatre Company, the other major production not to feature Crouch

The accompanying text to Michael Craig-Martin’s “An Oak Tree”

Crouch discusses his work in an interview with the Yale Daily News

An extensive conversation between Crouch and Siobhan Davies, about innovation in theatre and choreography, and where the two meet

A ten-minute excerpt of Crouch’s first play, “My Arm,” the precursor to “An Oak Tree”


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